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Animal and Plant Phytotherapy

Our clients

We include amongst our clients :

  • farmers,
  • breeders,
  • wine growers,
  • fruit tree growers and market gardeners,

and who all use plants as an alternative treatment. The Sicarappam is here to provide you with any plant you may require and that has recognised therapeutic properties.

Our offer

The Sicarappam can provide common sagewort, common comfrey, garden tansy, field horsetail, nettles, rue, thyme and rosemary, as well as common mallow, pot marigold, arnica, burdock, summer savory, queen of the meadows, rosehip, to name but a few… All used in plant and animal phytotherapy.

To meet your needs

These alternative treatments, natural insecticides and fungicides are increasingly sought after and their benefits have been highlighted in many studies carried out by recognised bodies (* refer to the list of recommended articles).

Farmers today have learnt about such treatments and there are many publications available on this subject (** refer to the list of recommended books).

The Sicarappam has been working in this field for the past few years, to offer plants to professional farmers who want to use alternative methods.

After conducting an initial experiment with wine growers, the Sicarappam is currently widening its range in order to offer its products and services to buyers across the profession who would like to adopt alternative treatments.

It offers an extensive range of dried plants which can be cut for use in herbal teas, liquid fertilisers or in a powder form for consumption by animals. A preliminary selection has been carefully made. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to find out about our different products.

phytothérapie animale
phytothérapie végétale

Selon la démarche…

De plus en plus appréciées, ces thérapies alternatives, ces insecticides et fongicides naturels sont mis en avant dans de nombreuses études par des organismes reconnus *.

Les agriculteurs sont de mieux en mieux formés sur ces thérapies. Les publications qui leur sont proposées sont également nombreuses **.

De son côté, la Sicarappam travaille depuis plusieurs années pour proposer des plantes aux professionnels de l’agriculture désireux d’utiliser ces solutions alternatives.

Après une première expérience auprès des viticulteurs, elle augmente sa gamme et s’adresse à l’ensemble de la profession désireuse de mettre en œuvre ces thérapies alternatives.

Elle propose une large gamme de plantes sèches qui peuvent être coupées pour vos tisanes et purins ou en poudre pour une consommation animale. Une première sélection pertinente a été réalisée. N’hésitez pas à vous informer sur toutes nos possibilités.

Download our catalogue

Recommended reading in a selection of books and articles (in French only) :

*A selection of recent articles

– “Natural products to protect crops ” (Produits naturels en protection des cultures)  at,
– “Thoughts on alternative veterinary care” (Réflexion des soins veto alternatifs) at,
– “The use of natural substances to protect crops” (Journées substances naturelles en protection des cultures) at

**A selection of books

– “Natural Medicine in Animal breeding: Volume 2 – Phytotherapy and Aromatherapy with grazing animals and horses” (Médecine naturelle en élevage: Tome 2 – “Caring for animals using plants” (Soignez vos animaux par les plantes) by Françoise Heitz (veterinary surgeon) and Vincent Delbecque (pharmacist and botanist)

Some classic books on farming:
– “All about nettle fertiliser and other treatments” (Purin d’ortie et compagnie) by Bernard Bertrand, Jean Paul Collaert and Eric Petiot
– “A Practical Guide to Bio-dynamics for farmers” (Le guide pratique de la biodynamie à l’usage des agriculteurs)
amongst many others….