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Traceability and health and safety systems

Reasons for implementing HACCP, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points:

Analysing risks – identifying and managing critical control points

The HACCP system is a working tool which has enabled the Sicarappam to identify, assess and control possible dangers with a view to guaranteeing food safety. This process is implemented at every stage throughout production: reception, packaging, weighing, processing, loading on pallets, storage and delivery.

Here at the Sicarappam, the HACCP system enables us to control microbiological contamination and also provides us with better product traceability from arrival at the Cooperative to delivery to its clients.
In implementing its HACCP system, the Sicarappam does more than simply fulfil its legal obligation. It also satisfies a growing demand expressed by its clients and it ensures that the Cooperative is constantly improving the quality of its products and services.

Current actions

The Sicarappam has implemented procedures whereby the activity of its producers is recorded and preventive measures are applied.

Furthermore, procedures, instructions and recording methods are used within the Cooperative with regards the reception, storage, processing and delivery of plants.

A quality control document is currently being created which will cover all of the Cooperative’s in-house procedures as regards processing and storage of its products and work in the administrative and marketing departments. This quality control document means that information is filed and archived and it serves as a reference document for the Cooperative which can be easily used by staff.

Traçabilité des plantes
Traçabilité des plantes