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Our cooperative

The creation of the Cooperative

Sicarappam coopérativeThe Sicarappam was created 25 years ago, by a group of friends, all keen wild plant gatherers in Auvergne.

They rapidly wanted to join forces and in so doing, revive an ancestral art, whilst bringing it up to date and also satisfying an increasingly growing demand for high quality medicinal and aromatic plantsMade in France”.

Cooperative development

professionnalisation transformationOver the course of the years the Sicarappam has become more professional, whilst remaining closely attached to its community values. Today the Cooperative employs 5 full-time members of staff.

The producers are always very quick to react and they play an active role in the life of their Cooperative. They are not only involved in processing, but also in projects that characterize the energy and commitments of the Cooperative today.

In this way they remain totally in control of what they produce. There is no doubt that the Sicarappam has known how to evolve whilst still keeping a firm hold on its human values and professional ethical code of practice.